It’s a been quite while, when I published the the first article about C328R Jpeg camera. It turns out to be the most discussed article on my blog. With new features, that came with .NET Micro Framework 3.0, I’ve decided to make a little update to C328R class.

C328R camera module 340x290 C328R camera module

What’s new

One thing that changed in version 3.0 of Micro Framework was the serial port API. Since C328R camera module is operated via serial port, the update was necessary. Anyway, this brings one big advantage of one compatible class for .NET Micro Framework and full .NET Framework. In next days I will try to connect the camera to desktop computer and to talk to it from C#. Long story short, the constructor and initialization of the C328R class might look like this.

// Create camera  
C328R camera = new C328R(new SerialPort("COM2", 115200));  

// Synchronize with camera 

// Set baud rate - optional  
// Set light frequency - optional 

// Initiate camera and picture details

Saving picture to SD card

The only thing I’ve changed in the demo application is the persistence of the picture on the SD card. Since .NET Micro Framework 3.0 introduced native support for the file system, I thought it would be nice to integrate it. Tahoe-II comes with SD card slot which is mapped as directory called SD1. Make sure to change this directory to fit your hardware. Some sample images taken by the camera and stored to the SD card are attached. Notice that saving picture to SD card takes few seconds.

private void SaveFileOnDisk(byte[] pictureData)
    // This directory is valid for Tahoe-II SD card slot only!!

    // Some unique picture name based on time
    string pictureName = string.Concat(

    // Save the data into file
    using (FileStream fs = new FileStream(pictureName, 
        fs.Write(pictureData, 0, pictureData.Length);


Old and new version are now bundled in one zip archive. Download demo here [32 Kb]. Demo source code was moved to my GitHub repository.

Sample pictures

C328R sample 1 640x480 Part of my office desk

C328R sample 2 640x480 Things on my office desk

C328R sample 3 640x480 Self portrait