My dream came true. In the begin of September I’ve purchased Tahoe Development Board from Embedded Fusion. Complete solution to start development on Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. It’s a new Microsoft platform for embedded development introduced in March 2007.

Tahoe Board 501x220

Imagine 300Kb CLR runtime which can execute your C# application. Development for embedded system has never been easier. You got the power of C# and Visual Studio (even debugger) to start working on your robotic or automation projects. It is extremely easy to directly access pins of the processor - connecting LEDs, buzzers, sonars or other sensors. If you mean it, you can also develop your own auxiliary displays, aka Windows Vista SideShow.


Ok, let’s back to Tahoe. I must say, that if you plan to start with .NET MF you should definitely buy Tahoe board from Embedded Fusion. There are other devel boards from other companies - but let me explain why I vote for Tahoe. I absolutely appreciate that all Meridian CPU pins are accessible from the pin headers. You’ve got freedom to connect almost anything, directly to your board. Uploading of the program and debugging is done via USB port which is power supply as well. Other boards using Serial Port instead. This is obviously bad, because it’s occupying serial port, which can be used as easy communication channel in your application. Regarding the serial communication, Tahoe has two serial ports, one with standard DB9 connector and second as pin header. Tahoe also came with lot’s of code samples and useful libraries from Embedded Fusion. Company support is also very kind to answer all your questions. Thing that you will love from start is the nice carrying case for your board. In my opinion Tahoe board is the best devel board for .NET Micro Framework today.

Stay tuned

Stay tunned for more. During October I will publish some code samples and libraries for popular robotic sensors. Micro framework is something that you can play with all nights and days.