When I was invited to TechEd North America 2008, I didn’t want to go with “bare hands”. That’s how the simple robotic vehicle was build, completely based on .NET Micro Framework. Module in the vehicle is the smallest .NET Micro Framework module on the market, the Digi Connect ME. Remote controller is based on Tahoe development board equipped with accelerometer. For communication are used ZigBee modules from Digi called XBee.

Since I had no time to design and create complete PCB, I’ve decide to go the way of modularity. Everything is build on bread-board, which means that parts can be reused in other projects. Tahoe development board as remote controller is perfect as it is. Only the accelerometer and XBee daughter board were added. Controlling of the device can be done using buttons or pan and tilt of the remote controller. Appropriate direction and speed is visible on the LCD display.

More to come

The vehicle draws a lot’s of interest at TechEd, many people asked me to post the “receipe” to build similar one. During next days I will publish series of blog posts covering key parts of the projects. Remember that my robot is not a kit, so it will need your own fantasy and ideas when getting through each steps.

So stay tuned for more!!

Micro Framework Vehicle - right profile 640x480

Right profile

Micro Framework Vehicle - front view 640x480

Front view

Micro Framework Vehicle - left profile 640x480

Left profile

Micro Framework Vehicle - rare view 640x480

Rare view

Micro Framework Vehicle - above view 640x480

Above view

Micro Framework Vehicle - bottom view 640x480

Bottom view