Echo Tool

Command line echo server and client designed according to RFC-862 specifications for Echo protocol. I have build this application while ago to troubleshoot issues on custmer’s network, and then it become surprisingly popular on the internet. The tool become part of many SDKs, tool-kits and troubleshooting manuals. Community members also maintain chocolate package for it.

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Sharp SMS

.NET library to create SMS messages in PDU format. It provides full control over the SMS stack including the User Data Headers, supports WAP Push messages, Service Indication and Service Location. Messages can be signed for authentication with IMSI or user PIN. Library is intended to be used with GSM modems or SMS web services

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Tiki Tank

Mutant vehicle created for Burning Man festival. I have created electronics and software for the first two itterations. First year it was deisgned around Teensy and written in C++. Next year design was completely written in C# and running on Linux powered BeagleBone Black single board computer.

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Micro Framework

While being active member in .NET Micro Framework community, I have wrote several libraries, drivers, demos and blog articles. The most useful and popular ones are now on my GitHub.

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Expert .NET Micro Framework

I have been honored to be a technical reviewer for a book by Jehns Kuhner about .NET Micro Framework.

See the book at Google books.